All services are based on a rate of $60/hr. Parts will vary based on inspection once the part has been torn down.
I keep parts in stock for most Fox and Rockshox forks and rear shocks. I also stock most replacement parts for the Reverb and Specialized Command posts. If I need to order parts it usually takes about one week.

-Basic fork service. Remove lower legs, cleaning and inspection, replace bath oil and main seals, crush washers and travel o-ring. $60. 
Parts will vary, most fork leg seal kits are $25-$40.
-Full fork service. Includes basic service plus a full rebuild of the damper and air spring if applicable. $120.

-Air can service. Remove air can, inspect and clean, replace air seals and lubricant. $45.
Parts vary from $15-$25.
-Full rear shock service; air and coil spring damper service. Full rebuild on the damper and air can; new seals, fresh damper oil and nitrogen charge.
Parts from $25-$50.

-Dropper post service for Rockshox Reverb, Specialized Command Post and KS LEV. Full teardown, cleaning and inspection of all parts. $60.
Rockshox reverb parts will vary based on wear and model/year; some internal parts can be upgraded for longer service life. $40-$100.
Specialized Command post parts vary based on model/year; $45-$80.
KS LEV has a cartidge that is replaceable for about $85.